Friday, February 5, 2010

Character Traits Show at Trunk

Character Traits is latest show going on at Trunk in Dumbo. I went to the opening last night and saw some really fun work all featuring various types of text.

I especially love the new furniture brought in by designers Nightwood and the cool hanging lamps by Re Surface. Those very cool fabric flowers are made by Trunk's own Aimee G.

The pieces will be there all month, check them out at 68 Jay Street in Dumbo

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Detroit is setting the mood for the Fall 2010 Collection

I've been to Detroit a few times and have always been mesmerized by this city.
The downtown is almost deserted, and the most beautiful buildings are all left to the elements, slowly crumbling and returning back to the earth. The somber mood of this city seems to reflect the mood of many people these days.

Here are some shots from a Time Magazine Piece that I am using as my inspiration

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Creem Launch was HOT HOT HOT

I got a little nervous when the forecast called for rain...but the weather held out and the night was pure magic! Ryann fans were lining up outside before we opened the doors at R bar for the Creem launch Party.
We were blessed with Maurice Brown playing live trumpet and Brian Burnside on the decks. The dancers put the Creem collection to the test with some serious back breaking moves and grace. Everyone had such a great night, we couldn't get them to leave.
Look out for our next event

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fischerspooner put Halloween to Shame

I am guessing if you live in New York, your Halloween was as annoying as mine. I was all dressed up as Jane Fonda, with a sparkle in my eyes dreaming of all the amazing parties to shake my leg warmers at. Apparently me and 15,000 other party goers. I spent all the night texting friends scattered around the city all of us trying to get into parties with lines around the block. I called it quits when someone started to puke on my cute little jazz shoes.

Tonight however, the night of the morning after, Fischerspooner made me forget all my Halloween sorrows. The had a show at the Moma that was f*&%#$ brilliant! I found out about it just last week when I helped the fabulous and talented Elise Martinelli sew the sequined get ups for the finale. After getting a glimpse, I knew it would be fun, but they were truly amazing. So original and playful, a great mix of fashion and costume.

The music was their signature electro pop that makes your booty do a shake. There was lots chatting up the audience, costume elaborate costume changes, moving mirrors and walls on stage that constantly changed your vantage point. The crowd was a very cute mix of professional looking matured hipsters that sang along to all their favorites.

All in all a great night, thanks Fischerspooner for saving my weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Reason to vote Bloomberg out of office

Everyone knows I like a good rally, so when Celeste Lilore from RESTORE clothing asked for supporters to come rally for "Save the Garment District" I said sure. I wasn't sure what we are rallying for, but I showed up on 39th street and 7th ave and soon found out.

New York City under the Bloomberg admin has been getting re-zoned. We have seen this as hotels popping up all over the city and high rises in neighborhoods that used to have a cap on building height. What that means in the garment district has been sudden death to domestic manufacturing. Buildings that are by law supposed to only rent to garment related businesses at a fixed rent are having a free for all, jacking up the rents and kicking the factories out!

In a time when jobs are few, losing manufacturing in New York means a loss of many jobs. Did you know the garment industry is the 2nd biggest employer in New York?
What this also means is local brands, like Ryann, lose their ability to produce locally and may lose the ability to have a business period!

Bill Thompson came out and spoke in behalf of the garment center and against the hotel developers. Do what you can on election day and make sure you vote to SAVE THE GARMENT DISTRICT!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pretend You didn't go to Bed at 8pm last night

If you are anything like me you plan on going out most nights, and then some time between, 8:30-10:00 my disco nap turns into morning. But last night I made it out! It was so worth it, what a great night.

I went to Santos and saw the live house music band Tortured Soul with a special performance by the multi-talented Wunmi Girl.
It was a great night with great music. Tortured Soul played a beautiful set of melodic love songs dedicated to various girls one might meet out at a Tortured Soul concert.
Wunmi sang some wonderful songs about consumerism, following your heart and some other deep topics with her famous wide grin on her face.

Check out both of these amazing talents

Battle Royale Gets a Little Crazy

Performance artist Shaun EL C Leonado likes to shock us with his physical feats. This time I think he may have shocked himself. Look at those crazy pictures! Ryann has worked with Shaun in the past to help him create the characters for this shows. We made a 12 foot long red velvet cape that was worn for a show and then displayed as part of a gallery show.
This time Shaun went up to Toronto Canada and gathered 20 Canadian pro wrestlers, gathered them in a cage, blind folded them and let them rip each other's heads off for hours. Ryann supplied the blind folds for the event, so I guess we are a proud sponsor.
Check out more about Shaun at