Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fischerspooner put Halloween to Shame

I am guessing if you live in New York, your Halloween was as annoying as mine. I was all dressed up as Jane Fonda, with a sparkle in my eyes dreaming of all the amazing parties to shake my leg warmers at. Apparently me and 15,000 other party goers. I spent all the night texting friends scattered around the city all of us trying to get into parties with lines around the block. I called it quits when someone started to puke on my cute little jazz shoes.

Tonight however, the night of the morning after, Fischerspooner made me forget all my Halloween sorrows. The had a show at the Moma that was f*&%#$ brilliant! I found out about it just last week when I helped the fabulous and talented Elise Martinelli sew the sequined get ups for the finale. After getting a glimpse, I knew it would be fun, but they were truly amazing. So original and playful, a great mix of fashion and costume.

The music was their signature electro pop that makes your booty do a shake. There was lots chatting up the audience, costume elaborate costume changes, moving mirrors and walls on stage that constantly changed your vantage point. The crowd was a very cute mix of professional looking matured hipsters that sang along to all their favorites.

All in all a great night, thanks Fischerspooner for saving my weekend.

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