Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Reason to vote Bloomberg out of office

Everyone knows I like a good rally, so when Celeste Lilore from RESTORE clothing asked for supporters to come rally for "Save the Garment District" I said sure. I wasn't sure what we are rallying for, but I showed up on 39th street and 7th ave and soon found out.

New York City under the Bloomberg admin has been getting re-zoned. We have seen this as hotels popping up all over the city and high rises in neighborhoods that used to have a cap on building height. What that means in the garment district has been sudden death to domestic manufacturing. Buildings that are by law supposed to only rent to garment related businesses at a fixed rent are having a free for all, jacking up the rents and kicking the factories out!

In a time when jobs are few, losing manufacturing in New York means a loss of many jobs. Did you know the garment industry is the 2nd biggest employer in New York?
What this also means is local brands, like Ryann, lose their ability to produce locally and may lose the ability to have a business period!

Bill Thompson came out and spoke in behalf of the garment center and against the hotel developers. Do what you can on election day and make sure you vote to SAVE THE GARMENT DISTRICT!

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